I'm pleased to welcome you to my new on-line market column, which is pretty good for someone that isnt on-line, that is. But I'm hoping to remedy that one day real soon now.

You may know about my small-press oriented market newsletter, Scavengers. This has been in existence for 12 years and has around a thousand subscribers. Or it may be that you've seen my fantasy/horror short stories in such magazines and anthologies as The Twilight Zone Magazine, 100 Wicked Little Witch Stories, MZBs Sword and Sorceress and Dead of Night Magazine as well as a host of small press publications. Maybe youve read a book in Aces Scorpio series and thought they were written by someone named Alex McDonough. Not so, five of them (Scorpio Rising, Scorpio Descending, Dragons Blood, Dragons Eye, Dragons Claw) were by yours truly. It may even be you're blessed in never having heard of me at all. So it goes.

As a markets gatherer in Scavengers, I present complete guidelines on magazines that pay anything from 5 cents a word to zip/zero/nada. Scavengers also has commentary, small press reviews, articles and letters. However, for the purposes of this column, I will be presenting capsule listings, just enough to give you a contact address and a little info on the magazine.

Since this is all I am giving you, Ill put you on your honor to contact the editor first with a SASE or by e-mail to get the complete scoop on the publication before sending submissions. Editors do appreciate this and it saves you headaches and postage to do your homework before sending out a submission. I will also put an emphasis on paying markets, as a way to limit the column length, though I dont see anything wrong with markets that pay in copies as long as they are up front about this in their guidelines. I'll also be sticking pretty much to SF/fantasy/horror markets, but may throw in other types of magazines if they occasionally use this sort of material or if they might be of interest to the writer or artist. Obviously, I dont know everything, so nothing in the column is guaranteed. Your input is solicited if you have updates or changes on a publication I have listed or if you have info about a new market. My address appears at the end of this column. Also, I have always offered to answer simple, specific questions about small press markets, i. e. Is Dark Starr still being published? not Tell me all you know about small press markets. But to get the answer, youll have to provide a SASE.

Scavengers Newsletter: the monthly marketletter for the Sf/Fantasy/Horror writer or artist with an interest in the small press. Sample $2, subscription $15.50 from Janet Fox, 519 Ellinwood, Osage City KS 66523-1329.

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